ShapeUpItaly is an innovative digital artisan laboratory.

As deus ex machina, ShapeUpItaly analyzes, designs and resolves entirely the project’s steps. Following customers differences and needs, develops ad hoc methods.


ShapeUpItaly has the skills, all of which are technologically challenging, that are necessary to work with its customers throughout their work-flow as follows:

  • analysis & pro consultancy.
  • professional training on digital design workflow, both software and hardware.
  • advicing the most applicable hardware and software for each single project and idea.
  • conversion of sketches and other 2-dimensional representations into flexible vectorial 2d and 3d models.


Actually there is no workflow on digital processes dedicated to fashion design.
Designers need to translate their ideas into products. Digital revolution in fashion design field allows brands and fashion design studio, well known and smaller ones, to develop their collections in a fastest and efficient way.
Now, the technology is accelerating exponentially and being employed to manufacture finished products, including fashion and luxury goods.


The primary objective of ShapeUpItaly is to enable its clients to use 3d printing technology throughout their design, prototyping and production processes.
Given that italy is the home of innumerable fashion designers and producers, ShapeUpItaly will initially concentrate in this area. As the capabilities of 3d printing technology becomes better understood, it will benefit all phases of the creative process and enable new product introductions into the marketplace faster and at lower cost.


Rosa Topputo and Alessio Tommasetti are Architects who have many years of experience in deploying 3D technology, including everything from sunglasses to prosthetic limbs for children.

Lavinia Caldani has a background in Law. Her interest in fashion and design born working directly with Altaroma, investee company dedicated to the organization of the Roman fashion week, and encouraged her to become a partner in the undertaking.